Q: I really don't know what to eat.

(Technically not a question.)

You probably do know what to eat. You do eat now. 

The problem might be that you're actually thinking, "What SHOULD I eat?" which is very different. Try starting with an easier question:

What do you LIKE to eat?

Make a list--of everything. What do you really like? Don't worry about what's healthy, homemade, paleo, or can-only-get-at-Katz's right now. Make the longest list you can.

Could you make any of these yourself? Or something close? Be honest. What are these things MADE of? Meat? Cheese? Eggplant? Chocolate?  Making a list of what you know is IN the dishes you like will help spark ideas for food you might be able to cook or prepare in some simpler way. If you like eggs benedict, for example, you probably like eggs. Making hollandaise for lunch may not be practical, but how about hard boiled eggs? Simple.

This exercise can be a more satisfying (and WAY more fun) approach than just getting someone else's list of "should eat" foods. Try it. Let us know what you come up with so we can share your ideas with the whole team.