Q: How can I motivate myself to do meal prep on the weekend?

We get it. You only have two days of freedom, and you may not be excited about using that precious time to chop vegetables or cook.

But you will have to eat. Eventually.

Here's an idea: What day DON'T you like? Let's say it's Monday. (We hate Mondays, too.) If that day's already a drag, then add one more chore to it rather than "spoiling" your Saturday. On Monday night when you're feeling beaten down, go ahead and get this out of the way as fast as you can, then relax knowing the rest of the week only gets better. Just save leftovers from Sunday night's (homemade) dinner for Monday's lunch. 

There you go. Bob's your uncle. And you landed a pretty good punch on a day that usually gets you first. You win.