Q: I'm a bus driver for Metro Transit. Sometimes I have only a few minutes between shifts. Any tips?

Not everyone has as much control over when or how they take a lunch break. But if making lunch matters to you, here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Build a 30-minute mosaic. If one block of time is impossible, don't skip it all together. You work hard. You need a break. Piece the time together over a shift however it works for you.
  • Find a well-insulated lunch box that you love. LunchBots has one nice option, and Wirecutter recommended a couple others earlier this year.
  • If better food is a goal for you, think "good" instead of "healthy." Whatever you make for you IS good. Enjoy it. Don't skimp on healthy fats (butter, good mayo, guacamole) that can help you feel less hungry for snacks between lunch and dinner.
  • Look for a quiet spot. You must enjoy people if you've chosen this career, but it may be refreshing to have time alone during such an "others-focused" workday. What are your escape options?
  • Ask what would make you feel good physically during your lunch break. If you sit a lot, maybe a few simple stretches would give you a different kind of energy as the day goes on.

The most important thing is that you do what works for YOU. You deserve this time. Give yourself credit for making a plan--even on the days that take a funny bounce and aren't what you expected.

Make your own rules, and let us know what makes a difference for you.