Q: How do you "defend" this time?

It's not easy, but it's worth fighting for. Here are some ideas:

  • Your lunch break doesn't have to be at the same time every day. Be crafty. Make it work.
  • Tell your friends, coworkers and family about your intentions. Let them know you'll be taking some time for yourself during the day.
  • Don't get too discouraged when you just can't avoid a last-minute meeting or errand, BUT DON'T SKIP LUNCH. Just because "lunchtime" has passed, don't wait for dinner. Eat. Look away from the screen. If you don't get 30 minutes one day, be sure you get a few. You deserve this.
  • If you don't bring a lunch and need to grab something to eat on the go, don't make that an excuse to use 15 minutes of time just to do something that matters to you. Your body and spirit will still appreciate a chance to reset--even though you ate a few fries.