Q: Can Box Lunch Lifestyle help me with portion control?

YES! Another huge win from making your own lunch is that you're usually portioning out your food BEFORE you're hungry. This makes the choice of "better food" WAY easier than facing the less-better choices in a cafeteria line (or on the drive-thru menu) when you're starving...and everything smells so good. 

And since you asked, we're going to let you in on a tip-top secret tip. This portion-control tamer works whenever you are tempted by easy access to more food (e.g., working from home).  AND it works just as well at DINNER.

If you want more food after your plate is empty, DO NOT get a second helping of something you just ate. Not even salad. Eat something different (preferably homemade--and just a half-serving of it. If you're still hungry, eat another half-serving of something else. You can repeat this as much as you want, just don't eat the same food twice. This sneaky-snake trick works for oh-so-many reasons:
1) you're not automatically saying "no" to yourself (because who wants to hear that??)
2) it can steer you away from craving-triggering foods (for this coach, it's any kind of pasta or bread);

3) it's kind of a pain to find something else, so if you're just being lazy, you might skip the extra food;
4) thinking about a different food slows down the whole process (so you might realize you're really not hungry) AND
5) you may get a funny look from people at the table if you go much beyond 1 or 2 different half-servings. Peer pressure. It's not just for middle school anymore.

By introducing a little "interference," the non-impulse part of your brain might help you if your goal is a different choice.

It works. Try it.