Q: What are your thoughts on pasteurized yogurt as a probiotic source, or as food in general?

We definitely have opinions about food, but the Box Lunch Lifestyle coaches are not nutritionists or dieticians. So take our yapping for whatever it's worth, and definitely don't listen to anything we'd have to say about probiotics.

Homemade food is best. Homemade yogurt? It's possible, but unlikely. If you eat yogurt, though, aren't you even a little bit curious what makes it taste so...yogurt-y?

Tons of sites (like this one, or this one) have their own ideas about what makes some yogurt "better." The Box Lunch Lifestyle crew likes food with ingredients we can pronounce, and that would make a tasty mouthful all by themselves (like strawberries or sugar rather than acesulfame potassium). If you can only find better yogurt that's unflavored and you need a little "sweet," try stirring in some raw honey. It tastes better than you might think. For real.