Q: What do you mean by "better" fats?

Some people like (or hate) particular eating trends--and those trends often include embracing or shunning specific fats. "Olive oil is good for you!" "Lard will kill you!" "Nuts are good!" "Nuts are bad!" Here's a collective sigh from our coaches: SIGH!

When it comes to food, Box Lunch Lifestyle doesn't advocate anything more than eating what you UNDERSTAND and LIKE at lunch--and that includes fats.

If you cook with some kind of fat (or oil, or whatever), understand what it actually is. If you don't understand how oil comes from corn, Google it and see what you learn. If the idea of eating the fat from an animal's body grosses you out, then it's not for you. But KNOW what a fat is before you put it in your mouth.

Consider asking yourself, "Would I eat this--by itself--on a piece of bread?" Say...butter? Olive oil? Bacon? Avocado? Bacon AND avocado? (Mmmm...) Peanut butter? Lard? Soybean oil? Nonstick spray?

There are no mystery ingredients in an avocado.  And you'd probably enjoy a little taste of butter even by itself. We're less sure about the nonstick spray.

You make your own rules about that matters--and that include what's "better" for you.