Q: What can I put on vegetables so that I eat more of them?

A question back to you: Do you prefer your vegetables raw or cooked? It matters! Some vegetables you may just like better cooked--and it's okay to cook them. Try it! Just don't cook your vegetables beyond recognition. Cooked food should still look...you know, vibrant and like the food it was meant to be. So try steaming or roasting instead of boiling--or microwaving. (This isn't hard.)

Here are some options we hear people like on RAW vegetables. These are so much better if you make them yourself, but there are good store-bought options, too.

  • sour cream or mayo-based dips (we [heart] these)
  • guacamole
  • nut butters (cashew, almond, peanut)
  • hummus--or ful medames, which sounds fancy, but it's sort of a hummus made with fava beans instead of chick peas

On COOKED vegetables, you need BUTTER, man! Splurge on some butter from a dairy near where you live--even within your state. Butter (salted or unsalted) made from milk from grass-fed cows can be really tasty. Here are some other things to try:

  • marinara sauce
  • bacon fat (yes! but know your pigs and be sure they're healthy)
  • parmesan, feta, or blue cheese, or other finely grated cheese
  • freshly-squeezed lemon juice and/or olive oil
  • your favorite salad dressing (try it!)

It's not cheating if you add something to vegetables to make them taste better to you. Just make sure what you add is also food you understand.