Q: Any ideas for when I DO eat lunch out? I'm doing so well, but I don't want to mess up.

That doesn't sound much like "messing up." A better lunch is almost always possible. You don't ever fail. You "win" or you "learn."

When you look at a restaurant or fast food menu, ask yourself, "What ingredients do I see?" Most of the time, you can order things--even if they're not on the menu--that are just ingredients: vegetable sides, a piece of meat, fruit, even bread.

We'd challenge you to go farther. Is the menu item something you'd make for yourself? Would you really deep-fry the chicken breast, or would you broil it in the oven at home? Would you make that steak salad? (We hope so!) Scrambled eggs v. eggs Benedict?

Its your lunch. You make your own rules about what matters. You've got this.