Q: Do people have trouble deciding what to with their 15 minutes of time?

More people tell us they struggle more with making the time than knowing what to do with it. But if you're getting a brain cramp, try this approach inspired by Teresa Thomas:

How old are you? 37? Great! Make a list of 37 fun things to do. Don't think Bucket List.* What sounds like fun? What would you make or see or do with an unexpected 5-day weekend of freedom? Use 15 minutes of your next lunch break to make this list (without bogging yourself down with judge-y-ness) and see what pops up. You just might land on the next quiet dream to feed, or maybe you'll see a pattern pointing in the direction of an activity you'd find satisfying.

Try it and let us know if it works for you.

*In fact, let's not use "Bucket List" anymore. How about a name like "Going For It List" that doesn't suggest impending doom? If you have an even better name, please tell us. We're sick to death (pun intended) of "Bucket List."