Q: Is stevia good for you?

This is a good example of a GREAT question that's not in the Box Lunch Lifestyle wheelhouse. [sad trumpet sound goes here] 

Here's a question for YOU:

Before you take a deep dive into the good v. evil of a specific ingredient, ask "Why do I care about [this ingredient]?" When you choose your lunch food, homemade is goal #1. Will you actually cook or assemble something yourself using stevia, for example? Or will not knowing whether it's "good" stymie you to the point of just opening a package of something instead?

It feels insurmountable to make the "right" choice because we're NOT stevia experts, we don't have the time to become one, and as soon as we were experts, stevia wouldn't even be on the grocery store shelves anymore.

Your answer to "Why do I care?" will reflect back to what something that you really value, and that can help you decide if an ingredient goes in your mouth. It will also point you to the LEAST BIT of information you need in order to decide for yourself (ranging from "Would stevia interfere with my insulin dosage?" to "Does [this famous cook I like] ever use stevia?") That least bit of info is totally researchable. Don't freeze up. Get one most important answer and choose--just for today. (You can choose again later.)

By trying a new ingredient--actually putting your hands on it--you'll learn more about it and whether it's good for YOU (a much different quality of info than you'll learn on the web). Because even if, for example, you think stevia is safe and you love how it tastes, but the food doesn't cook the way you like it, then stevia isn't right for you--no matter what any expert says. It doesn't fit the Box Lunch Lifestyle you're building for yourself.

Don't be thwarted! Making something from scratch using any ingredient (meaning, available on trusted grocery store shelves and not from a vat in some factory), puts you SO ahead of the game. Give yourself credit for thinking for yourself.

You are the smartest, foremost expert on YOU.