Lunch with a ❤️: House of Charity


Your leveling up your food choices with Box Lunch Lifestyle means “homemade.” But what if you have no home?


House of Charity in St. Paul, MN, makes “homemade” happen for people dealing with homelessness, poverty, and mental illness. House of Charity makes lunch matter by providing it for free to people who might otherwise not eat at all that day. It’s typical that out of about 350 diners, this will be the only meal for 140 of them.

But their work is about more than feeding hungry people. They educate all of us. Each Monday, they bust a different popularly held myth about the people they serve.  For example:

Myth #27: “People who don’t have enough food don’t work.”

Fact: According to the US Department of Agriculture, 75% of food insecure households include one full-time worker, and often someone working part-time as well.

How will your lunch matter today? To you? To others? Make it count.