Podcast Pick: The Happiness Lab

“Happiness” is a loaded word for me. It feels hard to define, and out of reach, so I tend to think in terms of “better.” A new podcast with Dr. Laurie Santos makes this messy topic clearer in ways that might feel familiar to Box Lunch Lifers:

  • Episode 1: You Can Change
    Acting just a little bit differently in the world pays off, and just smiling more often can lift a person’s mood. When we build a better lunch instead of just grinding through another day, means not having to remind ourselves to smile.

  • Episode 2: The Unhappy Millionaire
    When people think they’re dream has come true, it’s usually what we call a Loud Dream, like the money or fame that other people see. Those things matter, but they don’t often make us as happy (or happy for as long) as we think they will. Feeling satisfied at the end of the day happens when we feed our Quiet Dreams.

  • Episode 3: A Silver Lining
    Focus on the process, not the outcome. Enjoy the doing of it. Enough said.

If you love the podcast, more episodes are on the way. You could also join the 433,247 people already enrolled in Dr. Santos’ free online class. Will you let me know if you sign up? That would make me happy.

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