Why You Need A Sparring Partner

This is me with Ty—my first sparring parter. I miss you, buddy!

This is me with Ty—my first sparring parter. I miss you, buddy!

My husband and I watch a lot of documentaries. (We’re nerds in so many ways.) Facing Ali isn’t a new film, but it’s one of our recent favorites: interviews with men who fought title bouts with the Most Famous Boxer in the World.

These guys who fought Ali are tough, but what about the ones who sparred with him? Who was toughing it out on all those "ordinary" training days? What about Jimmy Ellis? Sure, these boxing legends spent some grueling minutes in the ring with Ali, but Ellis did it for twenty years.

Why would YOU need a Box Lunch Lifestyle sparring partner? To help sharpen your skills. To stand by you for the longer-haul. This isn't a person to fight with, it's the person you practice with—the one who pushes you a little when you need it. Yes, coaches do their coach thing, but they don’t usually do the push-ups with you. That's your partner, working side-by-side, sometimes toward the same goal, but not always. The point is that you're both moving towards "better" together.

Doing it alone is doing it. (Good on you.) But just think what you’ll do with the right sparring partner:

  • push yourself a little harder

  • stay with it a little longer

  • learn from the lessons the coach gives your partner

  • become (or become even better) friends

A Box Lunch Lifestyle isn’t hard like a fight with Muhammed Ali, but it does take a little practice and discipline. A sparring partner can remind you to have a little fun with it, and say "You are tough enough" on the days when you don't feel light on your feet.

Who could be YOUR sparring partner? Who is that person who'll laugh with you, and show up, and give you a little nudge—or an idea—when you need it? Your Box Lunch Lifestyle is totally shareable 100% win-win. Think about it.

And imagine how cool you’ll look together in your fighting stances. Send me a picture, will you?

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