Don't Be "That Guy"

Who’s the work martyr on your team? This is the guy who never takes vacation, and then replies to work email within minutes when he finally does take a day off. He’s the first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave—and makes sure you know it. There are other signs, too, that work has taken over in some pretty unhealthy ways.

What’s the difference between this guy and a workaholic? He’s victim-y. All the talk about hard work and long hours is just as likely to mean he’s feeling insecure as it is evidence that he’s 110% engaged. So he talks about this inability to step away and unplug as though he has no choice. But he does.

There are a lot of things about work that we can’t control, and that’s why it’s so important that we control what we CAN. Like lunch. If you’re feeling lost, find yourself again for just 30 minutes and eat something a little fresher and do something that feeds your spirit. Your Box Lunch Lifestyle will remind you that you are more than your work.

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