Do Beans Count as Vegetables?

bowl o' beans 1.jpg

Whether or not something is a vegetable is murky.

Green beans? These are fruits of a bean plant, so not a vegetable.

Kidney beans? A bean, a kind of legume, which is not a vegetable.

Peas? Also a legume, so, technically not a vegetable.

Does it really matter?

Part of the Box Lunch Lifestyle leveling-up-with-your-food challenge is eating two vegetables at lunch time. Vegetables, we can all pretty much agree, are not bad for you.

But if you like beans, or legumes, or peas, or whatever, eat them. Count them as one of your “vegetables.” Beans have nutritional value that fast-food French fries do not. So if you’re serious about practicing a Box Lunch Lifestyle, don’t get hung up on the details, and don’t be distracted by anti-bean lifestyle diets. Decide for yourself. If beans alongside vegetables fit into your homemade lunch routine, then a sustainable, enjoyable menu of those foods is what’s “better.”