Q: Do I have to have a "sparring partner"?

No. You don’t have to have anything.

What you want to have, though, is the best chance at doing your best.

Some of us are self-disciplined to a fault and get jazzed by the challenge of just about any kind of rule or goal. (You know who you are.)

But Box Lunch Lifestyle isn’t about following someone else’s rules. It’s about what gives you energy. Do you wanna do this lunch thing with a friend? Then go for it. If not, then keep it just for you. Lunch is still your training ground for trusting yourself, and deciding what rules you want or don’t want.

We’ll always have suggestions or ideas for how to make this work, but it’s always more than fine to do things your own way. It’s not like you need our permission or anything, but you have it (just in case).