Q: Should I eat replace the meat I'm eating at lunch with cheese?

For Box Lunch Lifestyle? It totally doesn’t matter.

First, give yourself (extra) credit. Being intentional about what you eat seems like something you’ve already nailed. Remember when a question like this wasn’t even on your radar? And now? No more lunch food complacency. Good on you.

Second, in the spirit of Box Lunch Lifestyle, ask, “What is it that I’m making myself?” Probably not the cheese. The meat might need a little preparation, but my guess is that this is the bought-already-cooked kind. If you’re satisfied with how close-to-homemade you’ve gotten, eat what you like for lunch. If you look forward to eating the ham, eat it. Enjoy it. Or switch things around. Whatever.

Third, it sounds like your lunch is becoming a runway to other things—refining your food choices even more, or maybe spilling over into different dinner choices (i.e., if you’re having something with meat or cheese at dinner, maybe you don’t want it at lunch, too). That’s pretty huge.

Fourth and last, don’t get so caught up in WHAT you eat that you overlook HOW and WHY you eat. It’s easy to lose sight of this, but they gotta work together to work, you know. The goal is A+ satisfaction, not total food perfection.