Convenience vs. Quality

Being convenient doesn’t automatically make something a poor quality something. For example, having a full-time housekeeper is convenient (so I’m told). Building a website using pre-packaged code is REALLY convenient. (Thank you, Squarespace.) Grabbing barbecue sauce off the shelf is pretty handy, too.

I don’t think, though, that what we call “convenience foods” come anywhere near the quality of what you make yourself. Those bullet-y little carrots that you get in a sack don’t hold a candle to the ones you buy with tops still on that you wash and cut up yourself.

We all have to prioritize. I get it. And bullet-y carrots are a “better” lunch choice than microwave popcorn. But let’s not pretend like we’re not just a tiny bit settling for poorer quality—both carrot quality and the care we’re putting into our food and giving ourselves.

Which carrot do you want? Which carrot can you get? Neither choice is good or bad, but it is an example of a small choice most of us carrot-eaters make.

The bigger question is: Are you settling on other things, too, instead of what you want? Again, not good or bad, but notice.