BLL and Mindful Eating

I love the name “mindful” eating, and I love even more “intuitive” eating. Doesn’t it sound intellectual and urbane?

Mindful eating theory suggests that if we really pay attention to when we’re hungry, and what we’re hungry for, our food choices will be obvious. Some people think it’s the secret to losing weight.

But just like other approaches to eating, this one isn’t THE answer—to losing weight or anything else. The way the human brain dances with food is complicated. So, to me, mindful eating is simply this: more information for you to consider and decide for yourself what works for you.

Here’s one way that mindful eating might (or might not) fit into your personal Box Lunch Lifestyle strategy:

  • Paying attention to when you’re hungry is smart. If you’re hungry an hour after lunch, you might need more—or different—lunch food.

  • Be skeptical of craving non-homemade food. An hour after lunch, are you hungry for a chicken leg or for Peeps? (Which you do think is the obvious “better” food choice?)

Your Box Lunch Lifestyle will help you practice self-awareness and food savvy. If you’re curious about mindful eating, lunch is the perfect place to test things out. You’re learning to trust yourself, but not kid yourself.

If you’d like more tips on mindful eating and BLL, or have ones you want to share, let me know and I’ll post more thoughts on this down the road.