Lunch Advocate: Geneen Roth

I love the way Geneen Roth thinks. On the topic of how countercultural it can feel to make our own rules and put ourselves first, Ms. Roth doesn’t flinch. Here’s what she says in Breaking Free from Emotional Eating:

“Dieting…and complaining…are the norm. Feeling good about yourself, eating what you want, and taking time to do what seems frivolous are not acceptable.” (p. 71)

I say: Don’t be normal. You deserve more.

“Do you deserve to have breaks in your day when you are doing nothing but what utterly pleases you and only you?” (p. 71)

I say: Of course you do.

“Deserving time for yourself is a function of the fact that you are alive and deserve to have time for yourself.” (p. 72)

I say: Feeling alive is GOOD.

Does it feel radical to take a break in your workplace? Do you feel pressured to act (and eat) in ways that are better for everyone else instead of you? Rebel. If only for one meal on most days, make time for food and for yourself that’s so much better than “normal.”