Better Food: "What am I going to eat?"

Do you worry a lot about this question? Here’s one super-easy path to answer it—confidently—in less than 60 seconds:

  1. Write down two vegetables you enjoy eating. Just two.

    Examples: cucumbers, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, iceberg lettuce (I like iceberg, too, and I won’t tell anyone that you didn’t choose kale.)

  2. Write down one other food item you enjoy eating. Think “food” (e.g., cheese) instead of “dish” (e.g., fettuccine Alfredo).
    Examples: ham, yogurt, almonds, PB & J, leftover chicken, mushrooms, or another vegetable

Lunch food can be as simple as three items (e.g., tomatoes and bell pepper slices with slices of ham). They don’t have to “match” or become an elaborate, Instagram-worthy lunch masterpiece. You can eat as much of these three things as you need to feel satisfied.

Your Box Lunch Lifestyle food is better simply because you like it and it’s so basic that you can do it yourself. No calorie counting or worrying, just doing. What you choose is better than any “unknown” food—meaning “don’t know what I’ll eat” AND “don’t know who made it.”