I do not [heart] the weight loss game.

There are a ton of reasons for this, but here’s one: Some of the pieces we use to play this game are faulty.

Let’s say, for example, we’re playing a weight loss game that’s based on calories.

Right now I’m looking at a box that says that a serving of these crackers has 150 calories. What does that mean? If you want a short, good lesson on calories, listen to this podcast. My interpretation, though, is that the calorie value of these crackers is a rough measure of some kind of food chemistry energy. Just like a standardized test score for school kids, it’s just one rough estimate of what these crackers can do for you. These crackers will probably do something different for you than they will for, say, Mike Tyson. Or your grandmother.

What about how much fat is in these crackers? Or what kind of fat? What about where they were made, or who made them? What about the fact that I LOVE these crackers? (I just threw others away that I refuse to make myself eat.) How would they compare to a cracker I could make myself?

If you’re counting calories, I feel like you’re playing a game with faulty pieces.

A Box Lunch Lifestyle means choosing food based on other criteria, maybe food that you look forward to eating that makes you happy, or made from ingredients that won’t keep you from being healthy. Whatever it is, that food should be working for YOU.

What is your REAL energy-generating lunch food? I say make the rules that work for you. That’s a game you can actually win.