Who cooks for you?

Yesterday, I learned from a rabbinical scholar (more on this guy tomorrow) this ancient Jewish tenet:

Any person who prepares food imbues it with her or his spiritual energy.
When another person consumes that food, the energy of the cook is also consumed and essentially becomes part of that person’s self.


Is that why my grandmother’s egg noodles never taste as good when I make them? Maybe that’s why the cookies you make with your young niece are delightful even though you know she’s licked the spoon more than once.

That also means that when someone you’ve never met prepares your food, the kind of energy you’re consuming is a crapshoot—whether that someone is working at a local fast casual spot or in a factory in Little Chute, WI. What kind of day are these strangers having? How do they feel about their work? How do they feel about YOU?

The alternative is to imbue tomorrow’s lunch with love from yourself for yourself. Imagine how good that will taste.