A new, easy dish: Egg Muffin Cups


I’ve been making this recipe from Nutritional Weight and Wellness for a long time—but as muffins instead of a casserole. With vegetables on the side, two of these fill me up!

This is a recipe you can totally make your own. Here’s how I make this “better” food for me:

  • replace the cream/coconut milk with a spoonful of sour cream

  • replace with hash browns with 24 of these potato puffs (thawed)

  • replace the spinach with fried onions and mushrooms

  • wait on any shredded cheese (I’m usually making them ahead, so I add cheese, sometimes, when reheating)

Lots of vegetables can be added, or other meats like good bacon or ham. Or no meat at all. It’s hard to get this wrong. If I can make it work, you can.

BUT here’s one VERY IMPORTANT tip to give this dish a chance at becoming part of your make-your-own routine: I’ve found that only 5x5” parchment paper squares keep these muffins from sticking like the dickens. Less time scrubbing, more time doing anything else.