Dawn's Advice? Keep Going!

Starting your Box Lunch Lifestyle is one thing. Sticking with it is another.

Dawn dove into her better-lunch practice to learn more about meal planning and to be accountable to herself. She kicked things off by cleaning the refrigerator. (Nice, but not required!)

On Day 2, here’s what she said:

Lunch lasted 15 minutes. Yummy! Then a few minutes of sitting with my eyes closed and thinking/scanning my body. Thanking it for being healthy.

Dawn’s a busy person: a full-time stylist, wife, mom, boxer, and seriously-clever home decorator. By Week 3, some of the Box Lunch Lifestyle shiny new-ness had worn off:

I’m three weeks into clean eating and enjoying lunch. I feel better physically, but my motivation isn’t quite as strong as Day 1.

But now Dawn’s on Week 10! Here’s what she said kept her on her feet:

Do the work! For me, it’s even harder to feel stuck in a place I don’t want to be than it is to make my food and spend a few minutes thinking about myself—calmer, and more energy. It’s worth it to make this my new lifestyle, not just a short-term challenge.

Way to go, Dawn!

Keep going!