Lunch with a Big ❤️: Shobi's Table

It’s noon. It’s a beautiful Minnesota day and people are sitting down to have lunch together. Everything on their plates—from the ham mac + cheese to the granola bar—was prepared from scratch by people who care. The salad greens were a gift from a local farm, and the even dressing was homemade. Nobody’s checking email. Nobody will feel like crap later from eating too much fried food. People were invited (some personally) to come, sit down for a few minutes, and eat something “better.”

THIS is the lunch dream I dream. And yesterday I saw it come true with my own eyes.

Shobi’s Table serves a homemade lunch to roughly 60 Saint Paul, MN, residents twice each month based on the core values of One World Everybody Eats, including:

  • Pay-what-you-can pricing

  • Patrons choosing their own portion size

  • Serving healthy, seasonal food whenever it’s available

  • Hosting a community table

This particular community table sits between two neighborhoods: one mostly of people employed by the state capitol and major medical centers, and another mostly of people who don’t.

Who should be sitting down together in your city, or neighborhood, or workplace? Everybody eats. What a lovely way to start a conversation.

P.S. Who’s Shobi anyway? In the Bible, a man named Shobi provided food to King David and his people when they fled Jerusalem. Shobi’s Table is a Christian outreach ministry, but the lunches they serve are about lunch. No theological or other strings attached.