Same food? Or different food?

There ARE people who eat the same lunch food every day, and I’m okay with that, despite what the writer of this article thinks:

But in my mind, eating the same thing for lunch each day represents a sober reckoning with the fundamental sameness of office life. It seems like an honest admission that life will have some drudgery in it—so accept that and find joy elsewhere instead of forcing a little bit of novelty into a Tupperware and dragging it along on your commute.

Ouch! This guy doesn’t understand Box Lunch Lifestyle: the anti-drudgery solution.

Lunch is about more than food. This meal is a tiny version of your lifestyle—and that means both what you eat and how you spend your time. Why are you here? Who do you want to be? What you need most (at lunch, and maybe in life) is food that makes being that person possible. Maybe for you it’s the same (homemade + 2 vegetables) lunch food every day. It has it’s advantages:

  • If you know what lunch food will fill you up, you can stick with it.

  • No cooking experimentation necessary.

  • Shopping and food assembly are about as dummy-proof as it gets.

  • It frees your brain up to think about stuff that’s more important than lunch food.

Here are some tips for same-food eaters from this article:

Mix up the details. Maybe your lunch is always a baked potato. Try different toppings.

Eat a variety of foods at other meals. For Box Lunch Lifestyle, that would include NOT eating wheat foods if your go-to lunch is a sandwich or wrap, for example.

Pick a lunch that works for you and your body. You make the rules that work for you. And if you have lunch food that’s easy to make and fills you up, what’s wrong with that?

If you are a same-food eater, let me know what same-food you eat. I’d love to share your ideas and suggestions in a future post.