Setting the Pace

In boxing, you have a better chance of winning by being the one who sets the pace of the fight. You're at a disadvantage by just reacting over and over again to whatever gets thrown at you, or to the level of boxing intensity that’s comfortable for your opponent.

It helps to get into the ring thinking, "Here's how it's going to be."

You decide how quickly—or in what direction—you want to move. You decide when your first punch gets thrown. Even when you feel overwhelmed, there’s almost always a chance to interrupt what’s not working for you and steer it in a direction that’s…better.

So what does that have to do with lunch?

You’re not completely at the mercy of a typical day, either. Start by being honest about what you know and don't know about each work day’s lunches. How many of them do you know will happen at a predictable time/place? How many lunches are wild cards? Those brawler lunches—who knows what they’ll throw at you. But you can plan for those, too, when you call it like you actually see it. You can still be the boss of lunch.

If you haven't already, be sure those one time/one place lunches are on your calendar ASAP. That’s one way to start setting the 30-minutes when+where lunch pace that works for you. You’re immediately on track to win.

Thank you,  Believers’ Boxing Gym , for preserving this gem. You can hear it in the  BLL app,  too.

Thank you, Believers’ Boxing Gym, for preserving this gem. You can hear it in the BLL app, too.