Lunch in the World: Japan's "Lunch ON!"

Thank you to  Missy Fredrick  for the  article  that turned me on to Lunch ON!

Thank you to Missy Fredrick for the article that turned me on to Lunch ON!

Imagine this:

Your job is physically demanding and psychologically stressful. Your boss appreciates your work so much that he makes your lunch from scratch a couple times each week. And not just for you, but for everyone on the project. And not just any food, but “better” lunch food than your typical quick-grab option: a “jumble” of vegetables, noodles and fresh seafood. Together, everyone sits a long table, takes a deep breath, and talks about something other than the workday’s demands…or the next deadline…or the latest social media rant.

Well, it happens. See for yourself.

“Lunch ON!” is a seriously charming public TV show about workday lunches in Japan. (Not kidding. I couldn’t believe it either.) In one episode, a company president cooks for his team, new hires are welcomed with impressive lunch events, and special 50th birthday bentos are made by daughters for dads.

Lunch matters for these Japanese workers, and maybe in a much bigger way for all of us.

Also in this episode, a group of coworkers takes turns sharing homemade lunch food, but they bicker because their different food backgrounds: Chinese, Japanese, and Taiwanese. Each prefers their noodles cooked differently. I didn’t know this, but now I do.

What you could learn from a coworker about his homemade lunch of Japanese food? Or Somali food? Or Russian food? Or Iowan food? (It’s different.)

The possibility of fresh conversations about cultural diversity? Nurtured by lunch? I love it.