Lunch Off Off Broadway: "Lunch Bunch"

Rats! I can’t believe I missed this!

This well-reviewed NYC play is about an office of public defenders who want to “do good, feel good, and eat well.” They decide to take turns making lunches for one another in an attempt to “nourish themselves and maybe one another,” ultimately realizing that what’s important is self-awareness and our day-to-day interactions with people, and what we avoid when we focus on making lemon tahini noodles with broccolini instead.

I didn’t get to see the play, but I found this reviewer’s totally-Box-Lunch-Lifestyle reflection quietly powerful:

Watching the play, I remembered what I’d eaten earlier that day—a lukewarm egg and cheese sandwich, which I’d split with my 2-year-old, plus whatever blueberries the kid discarded—and how this was probably evidence that I am not living my best life.

Or maybe I am. Because what mattered is that we’d shared it and enjoyed sharing it and fed the bread to the birds after. Food for thought.