Looking for Your Quiet Dreams? Walk.

Like this? See more Ellida Photo originals  here .

Like this? See more Ellida Photo originals here.


Moving around for your 15 minutes of just-for-you lunch time can feel pretty good. Maybe that IS your quiet dream: to be someone who walks or gets outside more. Cool. Do it.

But if you can’t decide how to spend that time, walking (without media blocking out your surroundings) can spark ideas. Walking changes how you think by shaking up your senses: seeing new things or feeling the weather if you can be outdoors. This article in The New Yorker says we can even change the pace of our thoughts by walking faster or slower.

There’s nothing that you SHOULD be doing. So try getting a little more oxygen—and a little less ordinariness—in the middle of the day, and see where your wandering mind takes you.