Tina Goes the Distance

Tina’s been building her Box Lunch Lifestyle for over a year! When she started, she was facing a better-food-slump caused by allergies:

Tina designed the BLL logo! Learn more about her work  here .

Tina designed the BLL logo! Learn more about her work here.

Struggling with food restrictions is the worst. When you can’t have foods like eggs or dairy, you tend to eat the same “safe” food over and over. I want to eat better, and now I’m a lot more creative about making dishes I like using food that I know won’t affect me badly.

But her lunch was about more than just food. 

With my goals, I’m not really that good at keeping them up, but Box Lunch Lifestyle has definitely made me think more often about taking time for myself.

Over the past several months, Tina’s started making beautifully-sewn projects again--something she’s loved doing since she was a kid. She’s spent lunch time looking for patterns and fabric, and now a lot of non-work hours go into what could be a promising side hustle. Or just being the artist that she’s meant to be.

Way to go, Tina! Be sure to show us the next beautiful, creative thing you put out into the world!