Different fights. Same big win.

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Most people know that there are different boxing weight classes (e.g. featherweight, welterweight, heavyweight), but did you know that length of an amateur fight varies a lot, too?

For example, pee-wee boxers (ages 8-10) can go for three one-minutes rounds, and elite females (experienced fighters ages 19-40) can fight four three-minute rounds. And there’s a big difference between spending 3 minutes and 12 minutes in the ring.

But all fighters train pretty much the same way: push-ups, hand pads, heavy bag, burpees and sprints. (And more.) It requires the discipline to show up at the gym, and show up for themselves at home, like getting enough sleep. All fighters learn what it means to feel brave, and to feel afraid.

Whatever fight you’re trying to win is personal. Maybe your dream isn’t to show the world you’re still standing at the end of three sweaty boxing rounds. For you, it’s finally becoming a writer, or building something with your hands. Maybe it’s just being a person who can take a few deep breaths when you need them.

No matter what the fight is that’s so intimately our own, what we want is the same: to show the world what our best looks like. 

That’s means getting started the same way everybody else gets started, whether you’re a pee-wee or an elite, a pro or an amateur. Show up for yourself, and show yourself what your best can look like even if its for just minutes in what would otherwise be a typical day.