How lunch-hungry are you?

tomato 4 br.jpg

We sometimes get hung up not only on what food is “good” or “bad,” but also on how much to eat. The answer is: it depends. (Don’t you hate answers like that?)

Lunch makes a great benchmark. It’s your ally in the search for the best answer for you.

For example, by lunchtime, do you feel “painfully hungry” according to this handy scale? If so, maybe you need a different breakfast. If you feel “a little bit too full” after lunch, you can try smaller servings, or a different kind of food. By late afternoon, if you’re thinking more about what’s for dinner than what’s going on at work, you may not be eating enough. (Or you need a new job.)

Portion size guidelines are a place to start, but the best rules are the ones that work for YOU. How much food is right for you is your call, and lunch can help you practice making choices based on what your own body tells you it needs.