Quiz Follow-Up: Grit

I posted a link to researcher Angela Duckworth’s grittiness quiz a couple weeks ago. Understanding how grit is related to motivation can help us pick better strategies—at lunch, or anytime. Did you try it?

Being gritty—persevering through slumps and past roadblocks when the payoff for that work isn’t immediate—counts the most when that perseverance serves the things that matter most to YOU. Do you think of yourself as gritty about your personal aspirations, and will you call on that grit today when someone needs whatever takes you away from your lunch break? Will you be gritty when it’s tempting to set aside your homemade lunch for the take-out pizza in the break room? (It’s probably cold by now anyway…)


Wherever your grit score falls, this article tells you how to use it to your advantage. I say that your Box Lunch Lifestyle means you’re already on the right track:

  1. You are “that person” today. You talk about yourself as the writer, or podcaster, or Italian speaker you are. Because you did it. At lunch.

  2. You look for like-minded people to join you. They don’t have to love what you love. They just need to have aspirations—like you do. You notice and connect with other people who won’t let one more day slip by unnoticed.

  3. You have a “how can I?” mindset. Before you say “no” to a lunchtime aspiration or food-related obstacle, you’re first honest with yourself about “how.”

  4. With each small step you remind yourself that you, indeed, CAN. Every workday you have another chance to prove it to yourself.

  5. Giving yourself credit is a valuable part of your Box Lunch Lifestyle practice.

Grit can help you build your satisfying Box Lunch Lifestyle, but equally essential is kindness. Many of us might wish we had more grit, but a little more self-love might be even more helpful to us as eaters, artists, bus drivers, and coders. Even boxers. Being kind means giving ourselves credit when the day doesn’t go as planned, and realizing that we used to call “failure” is a chance to learn. That’s a win, so let’s call it that.