Make a 5-Minute Food Plan

Five minutes is enough time to give yourself a fighting chance at a better lunch.

If you’re heading into a busy weekend, or just kicking off your Box Lunch Lifestyle, don’t freak out about Meal Planning. A neatly laid-out plan for the week would be lovely, but that doesn’t always happen. You can still win.

Take five minutes right now to think: what easy-to-make food can you get into your kitchen so that it lands in your next workday lunch?

Try picking two easy vegetables first. My lunch favorites are bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, cauliflower (to cut up myself), and mini-cucumbers. Some good go-to “no time” go-with options are: eggs (for boiling), canned tuna or salmon, frozen peas and canned chick peas. I’m tough enough to eat any of these plain if I have to, but it’s easy to keep a “better” dressing option on hand.

Need ideas?  Take a peek.

Need ideas? Take a peek.

I can grab these at any grocery store in a heartbeat, and I can assemble the food the night before in less than 15 minutes.

Pick up just three items while you’re out and about and you can be proud of your lunch food the next work day—which is a BIG win especially if it’s harder post-weekend one to face than usual. Your made-for-you food will give you more energy AND you’ll have 15 minutes of time left to catch your breath and be you (instead of spending it in the car getting take-out).