Why Two Vegetables?

carrot cuke 1-5.jpg

Food trends come and go, but people basically agree that broccoli is both hard to spell and better for you than Twinkies. Making a lunch that includes two vegetables is a nice little trick that will get you moving in the right direction.

  • If you eat more vegetables at lunch, you’re still eating “better” that day when you end up grabbing pizza for dinner, or you’re too tired to fight with the kids over green beans.

  • Even homemade lunches often skimp on vegetables. To get your two, you might start adding a vegetable to your meat/cheese sandwich in addition to those carrot sticks.

  • More vegetables are a clever way to bump out of your lunch box those pre-packaged (i.e., not homemade) bring-your-own-lunch foods like chips or crackers.

If you’re new to vegetables, don’t worry about which are the “right” ones, and please don’t choke down a vegetable you don’t like. (In my opinion, life’s too short to eat celery.)

Just eating a lunch with two vegetables means you ARE eating a little better. Today. See? I knew you could do it.