Go-To Ingredient: Eggs

Eggs are NOT boring. They are the kind of secret weapon ingredient that prevents the I-have-nothing-to-make-for-lunch excuse.

Eggs aren’t fussy. If I’m working from home, I can cook them. If I’m working away from home, I can eat them boiled—or baked into a “muffin.” And I consider them a homemade food, and one that’s super-quick (unless you’re making hollandaise). Eggs also keep well. You can store enough in the refrigerator to save you that the mid-week run to the supermarket.

egg salad 1.jpg

There’s nothing hard about hard-boiling eggs, and they’re happy to be turned into enough different dishes that you won’t get bored with them over night. Or just eat them with salt and cayenne pepper.

Do you have a go-to ingredient? Let me know, and I’ll share it with the gang.