Not Your Typical Quiet Dream


In yesterday’s Washington Post, Tim Carmen suggests that a good reason to not eat lunch at your desk is that you’re missing out on a great opportunity to build friendships.

Some of us quietly wish we had more friends at work—or even just one friend. Research shows that we expect more than a paycheck from our jobs, and meaningful relationships are part of that more-attractive kind of culture. But making friends at work doesn’t always happen by accident.

work lunch small.jpg

So, maybe making new friends is YOUR quiet dream—one that’s important, but probably not the kind you tell many people about.

In his article, it sounds like TC and his coworkers left the office for restaurants, but you could leave your desk for the lunch room. Or a park. Taking a break from work talk is a good start, but making it a Box Lunch Lifestyle kind of lunch by eating food you brought from home makes it a little more personal. Maybe your leftovers become a conversation about your niece’s birthday party, or your coworker explains how he made his traditional Hmong dish. Lunch can be a comfortable way to get to know someone in a world were making adult friendships isn’t easy.

Not just socializing, but building new, meaningful relationships as part of your practice is Box-Lunch-Lifestyle-worthy if you’ve always wanted to do it but haven’t yet. These friends may become the people who will support, remind, and maybe even join you in the pursuit of other quiet dreams.