A Problem You Could Fix

Americans are sick—much sicker than many realize. More than 100 million adults—almost half the entire adult population—have pre-diabetes or diabetes. Cardiovascular disease afflicts about 122 million people and causes roughly 840,000 deaths each year, or about 2,300 deaths each day. Three in four adults are overweight or obese. More Americans are sick, in other words, than are healthy.
— From "Our Food is Killing Too Many of Us" by Dariush Mozaffarian and Dan Glickman

Don’t miss this op-ed in today’s New York Times. It reminds us just how many people we care about are sick—and likely getting sicker. We know it, and nobody’s happy about it. But if trying to fix the healthcare industry or the political machine feels hopeless, there’s an alternative to a path of personal sickness that’s closer than we may want to admit:

The answer is staring us in the face, on average three times a day: our food.
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One tiny but powerful step in the right direction is what you choose for lunch today. Any food made by the wanting-to-be-healthier human that is You is better. Just one better meal today is better. And a better, healthier You today means there’s hope.

The authors say the cost of obesity in the U.S. is estimated at $1,720,000,000,000 per year. That’s $1.72 trillion.

I bet you can make a lunch for today that costs $1.72. And that lunch won’t cost us, or our families, or the world, everything in the long run.