Your Second Place Dream

A Box Lunch Lifestyle works because you’re not just taking better care of your physical self, you’re looking out for your whole Self. And I think that your Self gets fed, in part, by Second Place Dreams.

First Place Dreams are the loud and bossy ones, things like earning another degree or getting married or climbing your way to CEO. They’re goals that demand that EVERYTHING in life changes for them to come true and, like a sugar craving, they want your full-attention right now. They are the kind of things you do that you tell other people about, which may be a big reason why we keep moving ahead on them.

A First Place Dream? A world with fewer stock photos. Thank you, Ellida Photo, for keeping it real.

A First Place Dream? A world with fewer stock photos. Thank you, Ellida Photo, for keeping it real.

But then there are Second Place Dreams. These are the quiet aspirations, like writing your novel, or speaking another language, or touching your toes, that tend to take second place. Your quiet dreams are things you probably DON’T tell other people about, but they are part of what helps you become the whole, meant-to-be YOU.

When we feel something’s missing in life, it’s often because we’re short-changing our Second Place Dreams.

Why do these quiet dreams so often end up in second place? Or third place? Or fourth? It’s not because we’re procrastinating, or afraid, or lazy. We do hard and important stuff all the time. And it’s not because we don’t know what these dreams are, either, or that we don’t know how to do them. I think that because they’re quiet dreams they just get drowned out by chaos—or flattened by numbness—too many days in a row.

We convince ourselves that what we’re drawn to is silly or impractical, or weird—that whatever experience we want to have doesn’t fit into the picture—or at least “not today.” We tell ourselves that these little things don’t matter. But they do matter. And they don’t go away just because we ignore them.

What Second Place Dream is waiting to transform you?