No Sandwiches?? No!!

Yesterday, the Washington Post’s Free Range on Food live chat agenda included the topic of workday lunches. (I think this whole “lunch” as a meal thing is going to stick. Don’t you?)

One participant shared this bit of wisdom:

no sandwich 2.jpg
No Sandwiches.jpeg

This person could be a Box Lunch Lifestyle insider! Some of us are already using this sneaky tactic to level up the food part of lunch: eating wheat at only one meal per day.

Why wheat just once a day? Not because wheat is the enemy, but because it can help limit (NOT eliminate) refined foods that are so often made of wheat. Eating a sandwich at lunch just means you might choose non-wheat foods (e.g., not spaghetti or pizza) for dinner. If you eat an English muffin for breakfast, don't have a hamburger for lunch. Overall, you’ll eat fewer foods that tend to be less nutritious, and replace them with…say…vegetables.

A Box Lunch Lifestyle means there’s no saying “no” to sandwiches—or any other food for that matter. And you don’t have to eat a bowl of quinoa if you don’t like it. Love sandwiches as much as I do? Then have a sandwich. But use your lunch to notice how often you eat wheat-containing packaged foods on a typical day. And if you want to be a person who eats “better,” use this as a not-so-painful first step.