Taste-Testing Lifestyle Diets

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Wouldn’t it be great if the latest diet trend was THE food answer? Finally, the “Please just tell me what’s best to eat, and I’ll eat it” problem is solved! And solved by someone who knows more about nutrition stuff than I do. Excellent!

Of course we’re curious about food fads and new nutrition findings. We wonder if keto or paleo or vegan or [fill in the blank with whatever’s coming next] is best for us. And the deluge of diet-related information can be pretty persuasive, especially if you don’t think of yourself as a food expert.

Your workday lunch is the perfect way to taste-test any lifestyle diet. Here’s why:

  • It’s just one meal. It doesn’t require a radical purging of your pantry or dozens of menu ideas, so there’s less getting in the way of getting started.

  • You won’t have to worry if the kids will notice that the mac and cheese is vegan.

  • You can test how, say, high-fat or low-carb food choices work or don’t work for you. See how your afternoon energy compares to other days.

  • Starting with different choices at only lunch makes it harder to say things like “I’m keto” or “I’m a vegetarian.” And that’s good. Because you’re not. You’re a person figuring out what foods you prefer, not confusing what you eat with your identity.

You may not consider yourself a food expert, but you are—and will always be—the expert on YOU. If you want to try refining your food choices, lunch is a smart strategy. Sample the trend du jour, see what parts work for you, and keep building on what you learn. Then instead of that disappointing SPROING back to the “old ways” when extreme changes don’t pan out, you’ll be moving step-by-step toward a sustainable lifestyle made just for YOU.