Quiz: Life Values Inventory

Thanks to your Box Lunch Lifestyle, you have permission to spend 15 minutes of today’s lunch break pursuing that quiet dream: that small something you’ve always told yourself you’re going to do.

That “small something” finally getting the attention it deserves may already be jumping for joy. But for some of us, it’s been so long since we’ve flexed our what-do-I-really-want muscles that they feel pretty weak. We could use some help discovering or reminding ourselves what matters to us personally but that (until now!) hasn’t made it onto the calendar.

These are my LVI results. Don’t judge me.

These are my LVI results. Don’t judge me.

How can this help Box Lunch Lifers? Even if the name is a little boring, I think the LVI might stir you up. Totally and completely for FREE, and in less than 10 minutes, it helps you rank general value categories, like creativity or belonging. But then it goes one step further to give you specific ideas and strategies for how to EXPRESS your values. It will get your idea-generating-juices flowing, and you might find yourself finally acting on that quiet dream as soon as today…at lunch.

[A note of special thanks to the Mathile Family Foundation whose philanthropic support makes this quiz and all the LVI resources available to the public at no charge.]