Taking a Break

This mug from my friend Lana was made by  Flora Pottery .

This mug from my friend Lana was made by Flora Pottery.


Next week is a break for me: from work and from blogging. 

When you need a break from work and you actually take one (some people don’t), you deserve a fist bump. And if you’re taking a break, then take the heck out of it.

If you’re going away on vacation, avoid doing what you always do only in a different city. Just like lunch is a little oasis of clarity in the middle of your workday, days off are supposed to be special days to relax and reset. Skip the frustration of trying to make the typical workday plan happen if you’re waking up at a different time and in a new place, for example, or spending time together as a family instead of at a desk. Eat something new, or when you eat your favorites, revel in them.

And trust yourself. You’re not abandoning anything. It’s a chance to prove that you can check out and confidently check back in.

So I’ll be pointing you toward some “best of” posts instead of writing new stuff. But don’t worry. I’m confident that I’ll be back the following Monday, rested and ready for whatever comes next.

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