Showing Beats Telling

Another big thank you to Evan Johnson @  Ellida Photo  for this one.

Another big thank you to Evan Johnson @ Ellida Photo for this one.

This article is just one of a ton that talk about how much people appreciate being appreciated at work. (Are we surprised by this?) Lots of places have some kind of formal system to show appreciation for the work people do, but do people hear that they are appreciated just for being...themselves?

A “loud” message probably won’t work as well as one that’s sincere. Something honest and simple—like Box Lunch Lifestyle—could be a great way to show, not tell, your team they matter as people. It isn’t complicated, expensive, or risky. It’s just lunch. You don’t need the board to sign off on this. You could start tomorrow. And when you start encouraging people to make their own food and take time for themselves—and do it yourself—your team will hear messages like these: 

 “I appreciate that you need to refuel. I’ll help make sure you have some time to eat (and hopefully something better for you than cheap takeout pizza).”

 “I think you’re worth investing in, so this time is yours to do something that matters to you as a person.”

“You should feel strong at the end of the day—not exhausted—and taking a real lunch break will help. What you do after the work day ends matters, too.”

By not subtly sending this message, aren’t you subtly NOT sending this message?

When you’re ready to see this kind of please-take-care-of-yourself change happen where you work, let me know. I’d love to help. 

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