Before and...Now

The hero in this Men’s Health story lost a lot of weight and really leveled up in the “better health” department. By eating the same homemade chicken-vegetable-rice lunch for four years, Ian Sullivan lost 145 pounds.

I always would say my lunch box saved my life.
— Ian Sullivan, on losing weight

When people hear stories like this one, they say, “Wow! That’s amazing!!” Ian’s story IS amazing, but it’s not a Box Lunch Lifestyle kind of success story. 

The discipline it takes to live a Box Lunch Lifestyle isn’t about losing weight. It’s about who you want to be today no matter what the scale says. There are no Before and After pictures because there is no “After.” The lifestyle you build for yourself keeps going. You choose again and again.

What we want is to feel excited about life right now. So, do something today that matters to you and eat something that gives you the energy to do it. The rest of the world probably won’t even know, but today (not four years from now) you’ll be saying quietly to yourself, “Wow! That’s amazing!”