Waste Less and Win

On Epicurious yesterday, Lauren Johnson may have revealed herself as a Box Lunch Lifer.

You see, desk lunch time is me time. I go to great lengths to be as European as I possibly can from 1:02–1:28 every day. I shift about 18 feet from my desk to a little windowed nook to eat. I try to not type as furiously, or better yet, at all.

LJ says that her next step towards a leveled-up lunch is using a cloth napkin instead of paper. According to the Cornell University study she cites, she could save around 2,200 paper napkins each year. So switching to cloth is one simple way for any of us to:

  1. Spoil ourselves a little.

  2. Spoil the planet a little less.

Of course you can use any cloth napkin, but you could also use one of mine.

napkin 3 sq.jpg

I’m giving away a lunch kit personally assembled by me for you that includes—of course—a Box Lunch Lifestyle cloth napkin. Nice enough to be...nice, but practical, and not fussy-looking.

The cost to enter is simply forwarding any Box Lunch Lifestyle Recap email or website link to three friends before September 30, 2019. (This is on the honor system. I trust you.) Share, then send me an email to let me know you’re in. 

The value of this lunch kit? About $50. The value to me of you spreading the word...priceless. If you have any questions about this giveaway, or lunch, or boxing, or anything else, please don’t be shy.

NOTE: Box Lunch Lifestyle employees and family members are not eligible. (These are rules I do NOT get to make.) So if you’re spreading the word, you’ll have to settle for a great big THANK YOU. And some cookies.