Go-To Gear

Go-To Gear: Bklyn Bento

It may look like just a metal box. (It is.) But after using it for the first time, I’m already in love with this particular super-cool metal food-box.

Evan Johnson Photography  has turned a product shot into a portrait. Nicely done.

Evan Johnson Photography has turned a product shot into a portrait. Nicely done.

Bkyln Bento products have everything a person could ever need or want (in a metal food-box, that is). Each is made of stainless steel and the silicone lid seals tight. It’s just a bit bigger than my other containers AND it still fits nicely in my lunch box. It’s handsome: engraved, and doesn’t come in colors that only a kid would love. It’s New York. Sigh. I [heart] New York.

But I also love that this box is made by humans who share the spirit of Box Lunch Lifestyle in two important ways:


1. Beyond making a quality product (i.e., just doing their job), they want something “better.” 



2. They’re funny.

Hey Order Bklyn Bento.jpeg
Bklyn_stay connected.jpeg

Love the box. Love the spirit. Already adding more Bkyln Bento stuff to my list.

Go-To Gear: LunchFox® Chill Packs

LunchFox.ice pack.jpg

I have an aversion towards public appliances. I don’t use workplace microwaves, and I avoid the shared refrigerator whenever possible. So I’m counting on my cold lunch food to stay cold all on its own.

Here’s what I like about LunchFox Chill Packs:

  • I can’t poke a hole in one with my fork.

  • They’re bigger than packs for kids’ lunches, so one covers my entire food container with coldness.

  • With two in a pack, one’s sure to be cold even when Tired Me forgot to put yesterday’s pack back in the freezer.

And not only are the LunchFox name and logo pretty cool, the company shares Box Lunch Lifestyle sensibilities. Which is even cooler. (Pun intended.)

Think about what you put in your lunch bag. Eat healthy foods that actually make you feel good. Eat more locally sourced, non-GMO, organic produce. And whenever possible, choose cruelty-free products. By making better choices, you can not only look and feel better, you can help change the way food is produced in the United States.
— The LunchFox Message to Friends, Family, and Customers

Go-To Gear: Pocket-Size Salt + Pepper Shaker

As soon as black pepper is ground, it’s  “down hill from there” according to McCormick . You can replace it with  cayenne .

As soon as black pepper is ground, it’s “down hill from there” according to McCormick. You can replace it with cayenne.

I use this little guy almost every day even though I have other options—even magnetic ones! For only 99¢, this salt + pepper combo is cleverly designed and does the trick.

I bought mine at The Container Store. (So it’s also an excellent excuse to go to The Container Store.)


Go-To Gear: GoEat™ Cutlery

You need your own silverware. Don’t spoil your made-for-you food by eating it with whatever you find in the drawer at work.

Why is this option from Joseph Joseph better? It’s weighty enough without being too heavy, and the silicone is easier for me to keep clean than fabric cases. It includes a knife (that I need) and doesn’t include chopsticks (that I usually don’t need—at lunch, anyway).

Also, I have a thing for magnets. It’s weird, I know, but I love that the fork, spoon, and knife all stick together.